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Home Sweet Home

August has just ended and so has my backpacking trip. I'm just... torn right now. I'm happy to be back at home, to see all my friends again but on the other hand I miss travelling. I've never thought I would love it so much. All those miles, cities and villages, adventures, breathtaking views, wonderful, nameless people I've met... Even being completely on my own. Just me, my backpack and my harmonica. These weeks were one of the best in my life. My mind is so clear, so calm right now and yet fullfilled with ideas - I thought about everything I kept pushing away whem I was at home, I dreamed a lot, I have hundreds of ideas for songs, lyrics and short-stories. It's incredible what going on a solo backpacking trip does to your head. Everyone should try it. Seriously ;) aaand it's really nice to hear how everyone misses you and can't wait to see you again ;D

P. S.
I don't know if I write about any of my experiences here. Maybe. Probably I will post some photos (I took over 3 500... so really just some of them ;P), perhaps with a short description.