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I'm reading a polish book, called "Medallions", consisting of eight short stories in which the author relates stories of Nazi atrocities in Poland and the fates of their victims, especially the concentration camp prisoners. And I just can't describe how I feel realizing that these things have actually happened... And what is more, happened only 80km from the place I am now. So I'm kind of depressed. In situations like this some calm, nature photos used to help me, so I figured that maybe they'll help now too. And I decided to share them this time.

PhotosCollapse )

Album consisting of only covers

1. The Distillers - Beat your heart out
2. The Cranberries - Zombie
3. Billy Talent - Saint Veronica
4. Paramore - Ignorance
5. Green Day - She's a rebel
6. Joan Jett - I love playin' with fire
7. Sick Puppies - Pitiful
8. Sum 41 - Screaming bloody murder
9. Puddle of Mudd - Thinking about you
10. Hole - Skinny little bitch
11. Sugarcult - Hate every beautiful day
If you were to make an album consisting of only covers, which songs would you pick to sing?


After playing two gigs I'm nothing more, nothing less than a pure exhaustion. Jumping around the stage, playing all those riffs and solos on a heavy (but beloved) electric guitar for so many hours... I'm absolutely burned-out. But also still excited :) Feeling the adrenaline rushing through my veins every time I'm on stage, being slightly nervous at first and a couple of minutes later, a few heartbeates before I start playing so frightened that I feel like fainting... this is pretty addictive ;) And now I have a feeling that it's going to be a long night - I have to study for a chemistry test tomorrow... Great.

P.S. Today I got an idea and now I know what this journal is going to be about. If anyone's reading it - I hope you'll like it! :)


So. Where to start... Honestly, I don't really know why I registered here, probably just to comment other people's journals I've been anonymously following. Or maybe I'll put here some of my own stuff... Who knows :)

Because, you know, I really like writing (songs, short stories, my so-called novels, poems... many things). And I like shooting photos. And composing my own music. I like to think that my life can be described by a sentence "something creative every day" (even though it's just my wishful thinking). So maybe I'll post something here, don't know yet... If I decide to, it probably won't be often, because I'm a senior in high school and that means STUDYING, STUDYING, STUDYING. Or at least it should...

I guess the last thing worth mentioning is that I'm from Poland, and English is my second language, so I'm pretty sure I will make many mistakes. If anyone's reading it - forgive me ;)