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Home Sweet Home

August has just ended and so has my backpacking trip. I'm just... torn right now. I'm happy to be back at home, to see all my friends again but on the other hand I miss travelling. I've never thought I would love it so much. All those miles, cities and villages, adventures, breathtaking views, wonderful, nameless people I've met... Even being completely on my own. Just me, my backpack and my harmonica. These weeks were one of the best in my life. My mind is so clear, so calm right now and yet fullfilled with ideas - I thought about everything I kept pushing away whem I was at home, I dreamed a lot, I have hundreds of ideas for songs, lyrics and short-stories. It's incredible what going on a solo backpacking trip does to your head. Everyone should try it. Seriously ;) aaand it's really nice to hear how everyone misses you and can't wait to see you again ;D

P. S.
I don't know if I write about any of my experiences here. Maybe. Probably I will post some photos (I took over 3 500... so really just some of them ;P), perhaps with a short description.


Taken 2 years ago in my garden.

I can't believe I almost forgot about these photos...

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So it’s official - exams are over :)

Finally… Because, seriously, it was fucking exhausting (sorry for that, it’s just, you know… exams are over! :D ). And finally I can listen to this old polish punk song about this particular exams - Matura by Farben Lehre ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RatQ1u--IxE if anyone was interested) without my stomach twisting, head spinning, heart stopping, whole body shivering and generally feeling like fainting.

And now there is a wonderful prize waiting for me: 4 months of vacation! *grins like an idiot*. I can't wait to catch up with reading, writing, shooting photos, gigs and playing the guitar. And I can't wait to go on my long awaited backpacking trip :) Now I just have to decide where to go ;)

P.S. I didn't post it on May 15th because in the meantime my exams schedule changed and the last test was today.


See you later

Since there are 75 days until my personal Armageddon (meaning: exams) I decided it’s time to do something about it (meaning: start seriously studying). So, to avoid every distraction that is lurking around each corner I’m going to leave behind everything I like doing. And that means: no more shooting photos, no more wandering at sunsets, no more playing the guitar, no more band rehearsals, no more writing and no more reading for pleasure - that means also no more visiting LJ (except only to respond private messages, if there will be any) until May 15th.

So see you all then.

If I survive it…


Movie about my life

You have been given an opportunity to have a movie made about your life. What actor/actress would play you? And what would the plot of the movie be?

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Well, this guy was literally the best (and the coolest, and nicest, and funniest, and more, and more, and so much more ;D) skater I've met during shooting photos for this document so I had to give him his own part ;)

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Small digression.

The song I'm listening right now - Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation - always makes me think of autumn (just as well as Full Moon by The Black Ghosts makes me think of spring and Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People makes me think of summer). I don't really know why this is happening, but it is. I also don't know why I don't have my 'winter song'. But, God, how I miss autumn... Yes, autumn, not spring, not summer. The grey clouds, soft, almost shy light, colorful leaves, evening bonfires, cool wind, wearing my beloved leather jackets without my blood boiling in my veins, sleeping next to a wide opened window, being gently touched by the perfectly cool breeze that causes little chills on entire body, watching the stars and simply listening to the night... This is definitely my favourite part of the year.

And call me a romantic and I will kill you in 18 different, but equally painful ways.

Apologies again, etc. etc.

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Death in three acts

(For the ones interested in my photos - I decided to spare you the effort of reading the entire "story", so let me tell you that the important news are in the last paragraph)

Time: Thursday, February 9th, 2012
Place: Basement near boiler-house in local Art Centre, called "Mordor"

What would you think about while walking through a narrow, dark and dirty corridor, looking exactly like dozens you've passed minutes ago in the underground of an old building, remembering the very begginings of the twentieth century, far away from anyone that could hear you?Collapse )

Stuck in head

What song is stuck in your head?
Cortez The Killer by Neil Young. Because 2 hours ago I got back from the Music Marathon where we played it for 25 hours non stop...
Apologies for noises, bad quality, blurry photos, cutting off limbs etc. etc.

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